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Electric Heater For Saunas - Harvia KIP80-B

Electric Heater For Saunas - Harvia KIP80-B

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The Harvia KIP, a favourite among Finns, is a traditional wall-mounted heater with a great price-quality ratio. Reliable and affordable, KIP is also adaptable, as the control switches on the lower part of the heater can be placed on the left or right side or on the front. Sleek and clear in its design, the shiny black KIP has earned its position as a favourite in numerous saunas in the land of a thousand lakes.

The Harvia KIP80-B package consists of

  • 8KW heater
  • Rocks – 1 box

For larger saunas measuring 8′ or more, the KIP80-B model is highly recommended.


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